Nurturing Christian Identity 

The church in Scotland struggles to address questions of sanctification without falling into either legalism or license. This in turn hampers the mission of God through the body of Christ in our nation. Recent academic work has highlighted the importance of Union with Christ as the biblical and theological answer to this challenge and central to Christian identity, transformed living and witness. This one day conference seeks to give attendees rich theological and practical resources to serve discipleship and mission in the church in Scotland.


The Commodification of Righteousness: Agency, Identity and Social Capital

by Grant Macaskill, Professor of New Testament, Aberdeen University | 19/08/18

More in this series

Covenant and Commandment: Faith and Works in the Believer

by Brad Green, Professor of Christian Thought and Tradition, Union University, Jackson, TN | Nurturing Christian Identity

God Undomesticated: The Modern Problem of the Doctrine of God and Christian Discipleship

by Jared Michelson, Lead Pastor of Cornerstone St Andrews | Nurturing Christian Identity

Nurturing Christian Identity: The Role of Theological Education

by Jamie Grant, Vice Principal, Highland Theological College, Dingwall | Nurturing Christian Identity

Nurturing Christian Identity: Helping People Through Barriers to Maturity

by Louise Macmillan, New Growth Counselling, Edinburgh | Nurturing Christian Identity

Nurturing Christian Identity: Lessons from Mission, Implications for Mission

by David Miller, Missiologist and Pastor, Millerston United Free Church of Scotland | Nurturing Christian Identity

The Church as a Community of Formation and Transformation

by Andrew Rollinson, retired Baptist pastor, formerly of St Andrews Baptist Church | Nurturing Christian Identity

Nurturing Christian Identity: What Discipleship is and What it isn’t

by Mark Stirling, Director Chalmers Institute, St Andrews | Nurturing Christian Identity

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