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“learn and grow in order to be better equipped for discipleship and mission”

The Chalmers Learning Community meets every Monday during the university semesters. It is a gathering of 20-30 Christians from all walks of life and from a variety of vocations, but who share the desire to learn and grow in order to be better equipped for discipleship and mission. Monday is divided into two sessions and participants can come to one or both of the sessions. A vital part of the day is sharing lunch together – a time of good conversations and good food!

The Learning Community met in a hybrid way with both online and in-person options during the autumn term. We are hoping to do the same for the Spring term, depending on the situation of the Coronavirus Pandemic.

For the academic year 2021-22, the two sessions are –

Chalmers Seminar

Political Theology (Mondays 10:30am-11:45am) –

This year’s Chalmers Seminar will focus on political theology. We live in times of cultural and political upheaval and uncertainty where the role of the state and the relationship between it and the Christian church are being debated and reconsidered. These have been perennial questions for Christians down the ages and so in this seminar we will seek to orientate ourselves to that historic conversation within the church and between the church and the world. Over 24 weeks we will engage with the key thinkers, including Augustine, Aquinas, Luther, Calvin and others and think about how they shaped, and were shaped by, their historical contexts. Our aim will be to enable us to engage with the modern world in a way that is driven by Scripture, informed by the best wisdom of the church and sensitive to our modern context. 

Who is this for – Anyone wanting to get a foundational overview of Christian theology and explore why this is important for how we live as followers of Christ.

Preparation time – Participants will have weekly readings that will be hosted on our online platform. Outside of class time, plan for about two hours of time to read these articles. 

Goals of the course – At the end of this year, our hope would be that a participant would have 

1) Gained a thorough overview of the key aspects of Christian political theology

2) Understood the relationship between political theology and Christian discipleship.

3) Have a grasp on the inter-connectedness between key theological doctrines and the church’s relationship to the state and the Christian’s responsibilities as a citizen.

4) Developed a greater confidence in God’s purposes in the world and our place within those purposes.

Spiritual Formation

Based in the Gospel of Matthew (Mondays 12:45pm-2:15pm) –

We are spiritual beings, our lives are driven by an unseen part of us that directs our days and shapes our living.  Yet, in honest moments, we sense our connection with God is thin, and our devotional lives can be crowded with guilt.

Spiritual formation speaks to this sacred connection.  We will investigate, through Jesus’ five speeches in the book of Matthew, the intention Christ lays out for His followers.

This course will be facilitated by Heather Holdsworth.

Who is this for – This course grapples with the integration of theology and practice, how we grow, how we live a life filled with the Holy Spirit of God.  It is for followers of Jesus at any stage of their journey. 

Preparation time – We will be using the book of Matthew as our text with occasional exercises and reading to encourage formation alongside class discussions. Plan for up to an hour of work outside of class time.

Goals of the course – ‘Spiritual formation is the process of transformation of the inmost dimension of the human being … in such a way that its natural expression comes to be the deeds of Christ done in the power of Christ.’  D Willard.  This course is shaped to take us further along this path of transformation.


Welcome to the Chalmers Learning Community! We desire for each person to be able to join us, from near or far, of all ages and backgrounds, for one session or for all.

This year, we are offering opportunities for learners to gather with us from a distance by calling in through video conferencing. A Zoom link will be emailed to registrants at the start of the term.

If you are not sure about committing to the entire semester yet, please join us for a “taster,” by attending at the beginning of the semester. 

To register, simply sign your name and contact information. You will then be directed to a payment page in a follow-up email. Term cost is 150 pounds for one class and 50 pounds for additional classes. (This includes lunch). Please enquire for student discounts and reduced costs for online students. We do not want costs to be prohibitive to your attendance, so please e-mail becky.stojanovic@chalmersinstitute.org to discuss options. 

Which course(s) will you be joining?

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