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Mark Stirling

Disciple-Making Leadership

This plenary session from the European Leadership Forum, argues that our practice of Biblical leadership should be shaped by a Biblical understanding of what the church is, what it is for and the God-given purpose of its leaders. Paul’s letter to the Ephesians answers these questions in a way that is profoundly challenging to the contemporary church. The indivisibility of discipleship and mission means that what is at stake in disciple-making leadership is nothing less than the God’s mission through His Church to reach lost Europeans. If we take seriously what Paul says, then our leadership and indeed our churches ought to look different.

Q&A Mark Stirling

Power, Authority and Leadership

In these eight videos, Mark Stirling, Director of the Chalmers Institute, answers questions related to his lecture “Power, Authority and Leadership” at the 2013 European Leadership Forum.


What does Philippians 2 teach us about Jesus use of power in leadership?

In 1 Thessalonians 2, how did Paul present his own leadership?

Have you ever misused your own authority as a ministry leader?

Should church leaders not exercise their power because of how it’s been abused in the past?

What does Proverbs 31 have to say about leadership?

What are examples of abuses of power in leadership?

How did Jesus challenge his disciples’ understanding of leadership and authority?

How does Philippians 2 compare to John 13 in demonstrating Jesus’s view of his own leadership?