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The Chalmers Learning Community meets every Monday during the university semesters. It is a gathering of 20-30 Christians from all walks of life and from a variety of vocations, but who share the desire to learn and grow in order to be better equipped for discipleship and mission. The Learning Community is hosted in the home of Mark and Jenny Stirling at 16 Hepburn Gardens, St Andrews. The day is divided into three sessions and participants can come to one or more of the sessions. A vital part of the day is sharing lunch together – a time of good conversations and good food!

For the academic year 2019-20, the three sessions are –

Chalmers Fellows Seminar

Chalmers Fellows Seminar (9.00-10.30am) – This session is designed particularly for the Chalmers Fellows (see here), but is open to any who are involved in pastoral ministry and are seeking to develop as pastor-theologians. This year, we will follow a 28 week reading programme on the Doctrine of God. See here for further details. (This session is also available by video-conferencing to those unable to be physically present in St Andrews).

Reading Scripture Theologically

Reading Scripture Theologically (11am-1pm) – This session is taught in partnership with Prof Grant Macaskill, Professor of New Testament at the University of Aberdeen and is designed to help participants to read the whole of Scripture as witness to the Triune God. We will focus our studies in the first semester on detailed examination of 1 Peter and then look at the ways we see Peter reading the Old Testament, examining specific examples.

Knowing the Times; Living in the Times

Knowing the Times; Living in the Times (2-4pm) – this session will look in detail at our cultural moment and then look at how we got here. What ideas over the last few centuries have shaped this cultural moment and how does understanding them actually help us live faithfully for Christ here and now? This class will include a history of ideas, but with a very practical focus on how this applies to our lives of discipleship and mission. For more information, see here.

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